To Infinity and Bed Bath and Beyond!

When it comes to items to furnish your brand new bedroom and bathroom, is there any place better than Bed Bath and Beyond? Not hardly. You see, the best thing about Bed, Bath, and Beyond is that last part - the Beyond.

The fact that BBB has so much more than just stuff for your bedroom and bathroom makes them a really convenient shopping spot for all your housewares and home needs. They are also very generous with their coupons, like the 20% off single item when you sign up for their email program.

To be honest, some of my favorite things from BBB come from their lovely kitchen section. They always have neat things I never would have thought I needed, but then realize I can't live without like my egg cooker! My daughter's only four, but she loves it when I drag her along to a shopping spree. She loves to see all the fun and colorful kitchen towels they have.

I go every chance I get, especially when I have a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon! Lately it's been pretty easy to get these coupons because BBB make sure they are well distributed. If and when (doesn't happen that much to be honest) my coupons stack is over - all I have to do is ask my neighbor. Simple as that!